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Eastercon was a very enjoyable and interesting experience. I got to meet [ profile] lil_shepherd in real life for the first time, and there were many other friends to spend time with.

Hi to [ profile] inamac and [ profile] spelljammer.

I feel much more at home among people who attend Eastercon and other comparable events than in the world at large. A panelist on the last panel we went to remarked that she was happier to let people at the con know more about her than other groups of people she knows, because we are of the same tribe.

I think that is a good way to put it. Leaving the con felt, in a way, like leaving behind a large extended family.

There was more programming than in some other years we have attended, and I would have liked a time machine so I could experience the con several times. It was unfortunately necessary to miss an interesting programme item for another also interesting one on a number of occasions.

There was enough real ale. It did not run out – which has happened at Eastercons in years gone by. I like real ale, and it is a treat to be able to enjoy several different varieties over an extended period of time.

About 1300 people came to the con, and £2100 was collected for the match it for Pratchett appeal.

For the first time I participated in two panels, one on global warming, and another on space travel. On the basis of that experience I'd volunteer to be a panelist at other cons, if there was something to which I could make a reasonable contribution.


alitalf: Skiing in the 3 Valleys, France, 2008 (Default)

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