May. 7th, 2007 08:30 pm
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Sunday was a great party at [ profile] rustica's place. Now she's come of age and has been in her cottage for five years, and we all drank Sabrage champagne to celebrate. I even had a turn at removing the top of the bottle using the sword - great fun!

Before the party I fitted a wireless network, which took almost 5 minutes. Afterwards I managed to transfer the contents of the disk in her computer to a new and much larger one (250G instead of 20G), so that it boots and has all the original software installed. Here's the technical bit )
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Because of a cancellation I got an emergency dental appointment early in the morning, and after some downtime to get over the stress and lost sleep life seems much better. Of course my work is even more delayed, but if nothing else goes wrong it may still be possible to catch up ...
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We visited friends in Stony Stratford, in company with other friends from Surrey, had a great dinner and drank a toast to "The Professor".

The temporary dressing in the tooth (pending the full root filing) collapsed and IT HURTS again, (apart from the irritating gaping chasm). Maths doesn't quite have concepts to define how much I enjoy pain. Infinitesimals are along the right lines ... Nah, large negative numbers work.

So I will have a visit to the dentist Thursday if I am lucky enough to get an emergency appointment. After a setback in my work I had hoped for an early start and an uninterrupted day - some chance!

This evening, after a very sober Christmas I had a few glasses of wine, so shouldn't risk painkillers full of paracetamol, and ibuprofen doesn't seem to be doing much to help so far. [sigh].
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The first part of the root canal/crown sequence is done, and it was a long job. I was in the chair for over 90 minutes but it seemed longer - but no pain so that's good. Just 3 more appointments to go to finish the complete job - but the main filling gets done before the end of Jan, and the crown is not so time critical.

It feels good to have the first, and perhaps most harrowing, part of the procedure out of the way!

Later we can drink a toast to JRR Tolkien. Yay, 39 pages of entries on the website so far, and still a few hours to run


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