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just won their category, best live act, on the Brit Awards. Yay!
alitalf: Skiing in the 3 Valleys, France, 2008 (Eddie)
We visited Helsinki and then Tampere for the Iron Maiden concerts on the Somewhere Back in Time tour. (And we did some general touristing.) If we had time and money for as much travel as we might wish, I'd definitely want to return to see more of the place, and eat more Finnish food. Sadly, we had to eat the sort of food one can get anywhere, on the days of the concert, because of the timing.

I enjoyed the Tampere gig more than the Helsinki one, because the sound was better, at least from the seats we had. Yes, seats. Neither of us are really fit enough to stand on the flat bit, and I reckon we could see better than anyone except for the first few rows back from the stage, at least at Tampere. We were at the front of our block, so the view was unobstructed.

It can't be rocket science to make the sound work well in a stadium. It all relies on principles well known, even if the application has complexities special to each venue. I can't understand why the sound was slightly muddy at Helsinki. Is it arrogant to think I'd know how to do better myself?

The sound at Tampere was good, and the show is superb. For people (like me) who have been listening to their CDs for decades, it was good to have them play some of the older songs from the days of my (relative) youth. They're still just as good!

What can I say - live music, a way to forget, for a short time, how rubbish a lot of reality is.
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Yesterday evening we went to a pub in Kettering particularly to see Blaze Bayley's band, but both of the bands on before were also good. I particularly enjoyed Voodoo Six. If I can catch up with my work, which I am managing well under half speed, I'll post a photo or two.

I found myself next to Rockchick, who we first met at the Lauren Harris gig at the same pub. She was, as previously, taking a lot of pictures with a truly impressive camera. She let me have a closer look at it after the gig - it is a Nikon digital SLR, with a zoom lens that you operate by hand and, of course, a true optical viewfinder. The focus is auto, though. She said she had just gotten that new lens and was well pleased with it.

Blaze sang on (I think) two Iron Maiden albums, before pressure from the fans induced them to get back together with Bruce Dickinson. Blaze did not quite have the vocal range to sing songs from their other albums in the way that Bruce had, but I would be happy if occasionally they had Blaze on stage as a special guest for a song or two - or maybe for one song on an album.

There were six different real ales available at the pub, and the four I tried were all good. Hobgoblin on handpump is not widely available, and that was the greatest treat for me. Then we shared a kebab, with lots of chilli sauce and (just for me because they are too much of a good thing for Hibernia) several pickled chillis. I had a better nights sleep than I had managed for ages;-)


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