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When I visited my GPs surgery for the 'flu inoculation I requested a phone consultation with one of the doctors - because the painkillers so far prescribed have virtually no effect on the pain of the frozen shoulder.

After talking to me for a few minutes, she prescribed enough tramadol to last a few days, until I can see one of the doctors in person to discuss why the pain is quite so severe. I had the first good night of sleep for weeks while we were away on our long weekend in the frozen north (Yorkshire). This pain relief reduces the pain to a perceived level of just over half - sufficient both to allow me to do the exercises I have been prescribed well enough that they may have some effect, and to let me stay asleep until well rested, at least some nights.

OK, I'd like to have the pain reduced still more, but this is the first thing that has made me feel enough better to make a difference. Being able to bear to to do the exercises reasonably correctly may make a longer term difference, with a bit of luck.
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On Thursday morning I received an appointment letter for the x-ray I need for my right shoulder. Once the x-ray is done, next Thursday morning, I should be offered a physiotherapy appointment. I still wish it was happening more quickly, because the available movement without severe pain is gradually becoming more restricted, but at least there is some progress. Now I can angle my arm maybe 20° out from my side, more than that forwards (and not backwards at all) before it is too painful to move further.

The pain was worse at the beginning lf last week, though, because, for a while, there was no pain free position, and it was rarely less than excruciating.

In other news, I have a short term, but demanding, power electronics project to work on. I get to design the power electronics for a high power LED lighting system, that is designed to save considerable energy compared with the system it is to replace. Getting sample magnetic components quickly enough to assemble a prototype in time to meet the deadline is likely to be one of the more difficult aspects.


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