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The interesting project I have mentioned to a few people, that I could not tell anyone details of, is a bike light incorporating a laser. I designed the electronics and hand assembled the PCBs for the demonstration models. A video is on Kickstarter:

The laser shines through a lens which projects an image of a bicycle on the road ahead. In situations where the cyclist may not yet be visible, for example when entering a major road from a side road, the image on the road gives advance warning.

I expect to improve the energy efficiency, add battery charge level indication, and increase light output on the real one, if the project gets full funding and goes ahead.

This is not the most difficult short project I have worked on, but I have enjoyed it more than most.

Date: 2013-03-14 01:32 pm (UTC)
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The 5 February 2013 issue of New Scientist has an article on a sheet of apparently flat, clear perspex which produces a bright image (of Alan Turing) when a torch is shone through it, possibly by manipulating refraction with caustics.

Could this help to make the image brighter, or more cheaply ?

The article is behind a pay-wall at


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